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What is a Picture Hideaway?

  1. Looks like a beautiful picture on the wall
  2. It opens up to a hidden cabinet inside the wall between the studs
  3. Now you can keep the things you need and use every day at your fingertips, out of sight!
  4. Features.. a cork back, flashlight clamp, hooks, Keyless Lock System, Gun clamp
  5. Unlimited uses for every room in the house
  6. Convenient!  Organizing!  Security!

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Why I Need.... Picture Hide-Away

Exclusive !


  • Only one of a kind!
  • Not found anywhere else! 
  • A hidden stor all storage
  • Keyless locking system
  • Stylish in house decor
  • All beautifully hand crafted
  • Made in the USA!
  • Fully Patented

Peace of Mind!


Now everything you need and use everyday is at your fingertips!  No more worrying where you put the keys, the phone, my wallet, your glasses, that receipt, digging thru drawers looking for a pen and paper, where's a flashlight?   Just imagine no more clutter on the counter or scratching that nice wood table top...... The convenience of having everything at one place!

A Must Have!


  • The need for one in every room of the house is unlimited!
  • It trains your teens and children even your spouse to keep track of their everyday valuables 
  • Hide and lock your weapons or medications! Hidden safe!
  • Stop the frustration / get organized
  • Be the first among your fiends to own one
  • Very economical 

Organize it!  Hide it!  Lock it!... all behind a picture!

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